Man at­tacked by dogs while on evening walk


Evening walks are part of an ev­ery­day rou­tine for Jonathan La­pointe-vil­leneuve.

The young teacher en­joys the peace and tran­quil­ity of a walk through town at the end of the day.

Re­cently that tran­quil­ity was dis­rupted when two loose dogs at­tacked him.

“I de­cided to walk on the road be­hind Ta­ma­rack. It was a dark evening and there was less traf­fic there,” La­pointe-vil­leneuve said. “All of a sud­den I saw two big dogs chas­ing each other, and I wasn’t too con­cerned.”

But in a mo­ment, the dogs turned and ran to­ward La­pointe-vil­leneuve.

“I’m not nor­mally afraid of dogs, but this time they ran and jumped on me, and one bit me in the thigh,” he said.

La­pointe-vil­leneuve said he was a bit con­cerned, and shocked, but some­body had seen what hap­pened and the po­lice ap­peared. He gave them in­for­ma­tion he hoped they could use.

Then there was the next part of the or­deal.

Bit­ten by a dog, with no in­for­ma­tion about what dog it was or if it had been vac­ci­nated, La­pointe-vil­leneuve vis­ited the hos­pi­tal.

“On the first evening I had seven in­jec­tions, as they had to make sure of ra­bies and other re­lated problems,” he said.

Then he had to en­dure a reg­i­men of med­i­ca­tion. The pills gave him in­testi­nal and stom­ach problems. He also had to re­turn to the hos­pi­tal for more in­jec­tions.

La­pointe-vil­leneuve says he will con­tinue to walk, but with a bit of a de­fence against dogs like the ones he en­coun­tered.

His con­cern is that if these dogs had been near young peo­ple, the re­sults could have been much worse.

La­pointe-vil­leneuve says pet owners need to be more re­spon­si­ble. He hopes peo­ple who own pets will learn from this and re­spect the fact it is im­por­tant to keep their pets un­der control. He says pets on walk­ing trails where they are sup­posed to be on a leash are some­times set free.

La­pointe-vil­leneuve will con­tinue walk­ing, and hopes what hap­pened to him will be a chance for oth­ers to learn and pre­vent sim­i­lar in­ci­dents from oc­cur­ring.


Jonathan La­pointe-vil­leneuve pre­pares the med­i­ca­tion he was pre­scribed af­ter be­ing at­tacked by dogs while out for a walk.

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