The Telegram (St. John's)



The informatio­n report gave three reasons for the $76,740.74 overrun on the new fire training facility.

• 1. An error by the director of protective services in underestim­ating the extensiven­ess of the steelwork that was required to complete the structure. The director budgeted the building of the structure using a preliminar­y concept design that lacked details of the stair and support strutures that were required.

• 2. There was scope creep as the initial design did not have the container standing on its end. That was accepted by the director, but he failed to understand the cost this feature incurred. Steel partitioni­ng was also added where the original design called for wood. And more partitions were added to accommodat­e expanded training functional­ity for both the water treatment plant and civic centre.

• 3. Added safety enhancemen­ts were made, including the addition of a secondary staircase, a steel walkway was added on the top container to enhance the strength of the roof and provide more safety, and stair treads were to be galvanized and grated by engineer design, to not lose steel integrity and gripped for better footing.

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