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The Yesmen

The Yesmen

- - Chad Kirvan

The newest self-titled album by The Yesmen (Nevamind & Royal-T) is an exceptiona­l demonstrat­ion of the strength and fragility of our local hip-hop scene. Originally recorded in 2016, this 10-track record builds upon the legacy of Nevamind & Royal-T with old-school flows, raunchy lyrics, and aggressive deliveries. The appearance of nine featured artists including Pretty.Ugly, Bronze, and Bajmahaj adds extensive vocal variety throughout the album while also showcasing the immense amount of talent found within The Yesmen’s circle. While most of the album covers universal hip hop themes of sex, drugs, and being on top, two songs, “Dropped My Mixtape” and “Money,” dive into the darker side of the genre. Rhymes like “The hottest jams that never got a chance were lost in tragic circumstan­ces” hit home and remind listeners of the true realities that all artists face. It takes skill, luck, passion, persistenc­e, and community to make it in the game, and while these are hard character traits to come by, longtime fans won’t be surprised to hear them all in this album.

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