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A Look at Different Types of EV Chargers


Of course, the main difference between how electric vehicles work and their gasoline-powered counterpar­ts operate, is how you fuel them up. Unlike traditiona­l vehicles, drivers substitute a variety of electric-producing options for the gas pump. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common methods. Firstly, there are three different charging levels (appropriat­ely designated Levels 1, 2, and 3). According to ChargeHub, a mobile and web platform that helps EV drivers locate public charging stations across Canada and the United States, Level 1 chargers come with the vehicle, and are plugged with one end into any standard 120-volt outlet, and the other directly into the car. It can charge 200 kilometers in 20 hours. enjoyable—the comforts, the convenienc­es, the fact that it’s just more aware of what’s going on around you.” Valente points to the car effectivel­y learning driving patterns and preheating the vehicle when he usually is set to leave work. Smartphone apps also track things like how much energy you’re using when charging your vehicle at home.

And for those concerned about power, the owners say Level 2 chargers are often sold separately and plug into a 240-volt outlet (think the type of outlet you plug your dryer into). They charge five to seven times faster than a Level 1 charger, depending on the electric car and the charger. Charging at home is done through a Level 1 or 2 system, although there are public ones as well. Level 3, or fast-charging stations are commonly and increasing­ly found in public areas and charge even faster. ChargeHub says they can charge 80% of 200 kilometres in roughly half an hour. Depending on your car, you will need to locate the right type of Level 3 charger—and some EVs can’t use them at all. And in some cases, like with Tesla, their public charging stations are proprietar­y, meaning only Tesla vehicles can use them. -Matt Prokopchuk the vehicles don’t fall short there either, with Shields and Valente saying they can pull trailers with no problem. “It’s a lot of fun to drive,” Shields says. “It’s the sportiest fourwheele­d vehicle I’ve ever owned.”

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