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Welcoming Spring Into Your Home and Wardrobe

- By Kelsey Raynard

After a seemingly relentless winter, some of us may be feeling eager (read: desperate) for spring and warmer weather. Spring cleaning may have you cleaning out your closets and looking for fresher, brighter items that say goodbye snow, hello sunburns! Why not check out what local thrifters are showcasing for the upcoming season?

This month, we are proud to feature two sister accounts, @unFINISHED.nwo and @ unDRESSED.nwo. Run by two long-time friends, Kesia and Ashley, these two accounts showcase and sell vintage housewares and clothing that will brighten up your home and closet. For those of us who just want to window shop, both accounts are major #stylegoals, so you will be sure to find inspiratio­n for whatever you are looking to revamp this spring.

Owner Ashley says that the original launch of @ unFINISHED.nwo came about as a result of a mutual love for redecorati­ng. “unFINISHED was started first by my friend and I because we love decorating and then redecorati­ng. The joke was we are never finished—[we’re] constantly altering and texting each other new ideas!”

With a keen eye for vintage gems, the two friends found so many worthwhile pieces that they decided to launch a second page to sell vintage clothing, @unDRESSED.nwo. When asked what inspires these two pages, Ashley says “I think the reverse of this question is more true; thrifting inspires us! You never know what you’ll find, and it’s so much fun to get creative styling your treasures.”

This month, unDRESSED and unFINISHED are selling a number of good-looking pieces that will help ring in this much-anticipate­d spring. Up top, you will see an adorable crew neck featuring vintage heart and duck embroidery (size medium, for $30). Next, you can keep warm in Thunder Bay’s unpredicta­ble May weather in an 80s abstract pastel spring jacket (size medium, for $38). Under this jacket we have a jacquard deep green slip (size large for $28). You can cheers these excellent vintage finds with a pair of coral glasses (two for $8).

To the right, we have another great spring outfit, starting with a handsome patchwork leather jacket (size medium, for $45). Under this jacket is a spring blossom-print cotton knit T-shirt (size large, for $24). You may not have a tan yet, but you can absolutely rock the high waist button-fly coral shorts (size 32, for $30).

In the front row, you will see a copper and brass candle snuffer ($14). Next is a gorgeous pair of emerald glass candlestic­k holders— the perfect pairing for your newly purchased snuffer ($14). Lastly, if those patio cocktails I mentioned earlier are sounding too good to pass up, we have an amber glass pitcher with a botanic etching ($22).

Ashley says she is an open book for fellow vintage lovers in Thunder Bay. “Reach out and ask us decorating questions, or share photos of how you’ve styled things we’ve found. I’ve even rented clothing items for decadethem­ed parties. If there is something you’re looking for, let us know!”

Check out @unFINISHED. nwo and @unDRESSED. nwo on Instagram.

“You never know what you’ll find, and it’s so much fun to get creative styling your treasures.”

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