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Tamara Khandaker (“When Hate Goes Mainstream,” p. 14) has written about race and immigratio­n for Vice News.

Mike Ellis (illustrati­on, p. 14) is an illustrato­r whose work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker.

Sydney Loney (“The Delirium Diagnosis,” p. 17) has had work published in the Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest, and Chatelaine.

Taryn Gee (illustrati­on, p. 17) is a Hamiltonba­sed illustrato­r. Her clients include the Globe and Mail and lowestrate­

Laura Trethewey (“Changing of the Guard,” p. 20) is writing a collection of essays about the ocean.

Mariah Llanes (illustrati­on, p. 20) is a Toronto-based illustrato­r. Her work has appeared in the Globe and Mail and Moneysense.

Joel Barde (“Second Coming,” p. 22) is a writer for Pique Newsmagazi­ne. His work has appeared in the Nation and CIM Magazine.

Mike Deal (photograph­s, p. 22) is a photojourn­alist with the Winnipeg Free Press.

Michelle Brown (poem, p. 26) has been published in The Malahat Review and The Puritan.

Zander Sherman (“Cottage Country Murder,” p. 32) is the author of the non-fiction book The Curiosity of School. His writing has appeared in The Believer and Esquire.

Clay Rodery (illustrati­ons, p. 32) is an illustrato­r whose work has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, and Wired.

James Arthur (poem, p. 38) is a Baltimoreb­ased poet. His first book, Charms Against Lightning, was published in 2012.

Gerard J. Kennedy (“Justice for Some,” p. 47) is a lawyer and a 2016 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar.

Min Gyo Chung (illustrati­on, p. 47) is a Toronto-based illustrato­r. His work has appeared in Canadian Business, Cottage Life, and Maisonneuv­e.

Chloë Ellingson (“Riding the Tshiuetin,” p. 54) began Wind of the North, an ongoing documentar­y project, in 2015.

Marina Endicott (“Lynch Law,” p. 62) lives in Edmonton. She is currently working on her next novel, The Difference.

Maria Nguyen (illustrati­on, p. 62) is an illustrato­r whose work has appeared in the New York Times and Playwright­s Canada Press.

Anita Lahey (“In the Palm of Her Hand,” p. 72) is the assistant series editor for Best Canadian Poetry in English.

Karen Klassen (illustrati­on, p. 72) is a Calgary-based illustrato­r and painter.

Sasha Chapin (“Your Move,” p. 75) is the author of The Perfect Informatio­n Game, a forthcomin­g book about chess.

Joel Kimmel (illustrati­on, p. 75) draws portraits for magazines and has designed over twenty coins for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Laura Ritland (poem, p. 76) is a Vancouvera­nd Berkeley-based poet. Her first book is forthcomin­g with Signal Editions.

Stephen Marche (“The Other Worst President,” p. 78) released his most recent book, The Unmade Bed, in March.

Gail Singer (“Summa Cum Lettuce,” p. 82) is a filmmaker and writer.

Tallulah Fontaine (illustrati­ons, p. 8, 10, 82) is an illustrato­r whose clients include Vice, Glamour UK, and Precedent Magazine.

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