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Tips to introduce a new cat to your home


Do you know any cat whisperers?

Cats are notoriousl­y territoria­l, so when it comes to introducin­g a second cat to your home, a special set of skills are needed.

Mitchell Drydak lives in St. John’s, N.L. and has two cats: a six-year-old female tortoisesh­ell named Trinity and an eight-year-old male orange tabby called Pekoe. Pekoe is the new cat on the block, having moved in during April 2022.

Trinity’s reaction? “Trinity, in general, is a solo cat and quite passive, she just wants to do her own thing and be left alone most of the time. When Pekoe was introduced, he very much attempted to be a dominant cat … Pekoe would always corner her, bully her from food, water, playtime, resting spots, etc.,” Drydak explained.

Although the introducti­on of their new cat was done slowly, it was of little consequenc­e, as Drydak and her fiancé had to be very active in Trinity and Pekoe’s relationsh­ip.

“Now, more often than not, it’s mutual playing. And they willingly share space.”


Emily and Larry McNeil have three cats. Suzy is 10, Hurricane is almost two, and Cesar is 12 years old. Cesar was the newest cat to move into their Dartmouth, N.S. home, to mixed reviews from their other cat occupants.

“Suzy hates him. Hurricane, however, is in love with Cesar. They are inseparabl­e and the bestest of friends,” says MacNeil.

MacNeil recommends giving the cats plenty of time and space. Treats and toys can also help the transition be more pleasant for them, she adds.

“Don’t rush them to become friends … don’t make the introducti­on too long and drawn out of a process,” she recommends.


Carole MacFarlane lives in Kensington, P.E.I. They started with two cats but had a third added to the mix that belongs to their daughterin-law. At 10 years of age, Gracie is the oldest, Lizzie is one, and Brooklyn is about two.

Brooklyn is the new cat in the house who moved in at the end of June.

MacFarlane says her other cats were wondering who this other cat was.

“They stay away from her. When Brooklyn came in, she went down to the basement for a few days, so we fed her there. Then, eventually, she came up on her own and is now playing with the other cats,” she says.

“Make sure you have cat treats handy because they seem to love them.”

 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D ?? After a rocky start, Mitchell Drydak’s Trinity, left, and Pekoe now willingly share space and get along better.
CONTRIBUTE­D After a rocky start, Mitchell Drydak’s Trinity, left, and Pekoe now willingly share space and get along better.

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