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Mar­garet Thatcher is quoted as hav­ing said “It’s a funny old world.”

With the great­est re­spect for our re­tired pub­lic ser­vants, our Andy was the only per­son on the pub­lic purse un­der Danny the Boun­ti­ful, who had the bul­locks to pub­licly voice con­cerns on Muskrat. And now? And now he is sus­pended for us­ing a govern­ment funded email server? Duh

Hil­lary Clin­ton used a per­sonal ac­count for what she be­lieved to be per­sonal/pri­vate email, in­stead of a govern­ment server, and the world ended up with “The Don­ald.” Clearly there are fates even worse than Muskrat.

Is there any govern­ment di­rec­tive ex­plic­itly pro­hibit­ing per­sonal use of email servers? A mat­ter scream­ing for wrong­ful sus­pen­sion in our Supreme Court. I hope our Andy can find a way to make them per­son­ally ac­count­able.

The po­lit­i­cal masters re­spon­si­ble for the Muskrat de­ba­cle, for which tax­pay­ers and elec­tri­cal users will be sad­dled for eter­nity? No­body told them. They had no idea. One of the prin­ci­pal ad­vo­cates rolling in the trough with his mul­ti­mil­lion dol­lars con­struc­tive dis­missal weighed in via the me­dia this morn­ing.

Then we have poor Stan Mar­shall tak­ing on the griev­ous task of mak­ing his best shot of mit­i­gat­ing the dam­ages to our prov­ince from this gross mess. The cost of stop­ping vs the cost of fin­ish­ing.

Danny and his lack­eys had ac­cess to the best brains bor­rowed money could ac­quire, yet we are left to pick up the tab. Next mayor or not, our Andy is en­ti­tled to his opin­ion.

Leonard Clarke

St. John’s

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