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Sun­day, thou­sands of run­ners from across the prov­ince took off from the start­ing point of the Tely10 in Par­adise and made the gru­el­ing 16 kilo­me­tre trek to the fin­ish line. For some, they had eyes on win­ning the top prize in ei­ther the men’s or women’s di­vi­sion— for the record this years win­ners were Colin Fewer and Jen­nifer Mur­rin — while oth­ers just wanted to get that com­ple­tion medal at the end. For them, the Tely10 is more than road race. For them, it has be­come a gut check en route to reaching the goals they set for them­selves.

The Tely10 has be­come a fit­ness start­ing point of sorts. Peo­ple use it was a bench­mark when they want to change their lives around and get them­selves to a bet­ter place.

They look at it and start mov­ing more, eat­ing right and mak­ing the kind of choices that will put them in a bet­ter place in the fu­ture. They look at it and ask them­selves, can I? Can I push my­self for the next num­ber of months?

Am I go­ing to back out?

Can I fin­ish the race?

It isn’t easy to change your life.

It takes plenty of sac­ri­fices. It’s harder then say­ing ‘I want to do this.’

Any­one can throw a blan­ket state­ment sky­ward and just ex­pect it to hap­pen. It is a lot harder to set a goal and stick to it.

The Tely10 has be­come a goal for plenty of peo­ple. Ask the per­son next to you if they know some­one who said they were go­ing to run the race.

Chances are they know some who did, but a lot more who said they would but didn’t.

It’s easy to ‘I’m go­ing to run the Tely10.’ It’s a lot harder to fol­low through.

It can be even harder for those from the west coast. There’s a heck of a drive both ways to meet their goals.

Those who made the 8-hour trek east are to be com­mended. They set their goals, an­swered their per­sonal ques­tions and fin­ished what is a gru­el­ing race.

So, how does one fol­low meet­ing their mark? There has to be some­thing else to keep them on the path, so to speak.

So, the new ques­tion for those on the west coast who set the Tely10 as their goal is a sim­ple one.

What’s next?

In a way, it’s more im­por­tant that the one you asked your­self first.

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