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We asked some lo­cal shop­pers what they thought of the list given to par­ents con­cern­ing sup­plies for school.

For some it’s the most won­der­ful time of the year and for oth­ers it brings pure dread. Back to school is just around the cor­ner and go to any store that sells school sup­plies and you’re sure to be greeted by reams and reams of pens, pen­cils and ex­er­cise books. The Western Star stopped by one of those stores ear­lier this week to talk with some shop­pers.

We asked:

Are you shop­ping with a list and does it help? Do you have an idea of how much you’ll spend?

Heather Canning Kip­pens

Yes, be­cause I buy ex­actly what’s on the list. I don’t know. I just buy what­ever is needed. To­day in here we’ll do school sup­plies and we’ll go do some cloth­ing shop­ping, too.

Bethany Bowers Spring­dale

I have a list of par­tic­u­lar items. Pretty reg­u­lar stuff, but one that I want is a locker mir­ror. No clue. Making use of some of last year’s left­overs will help keep the cost down.

Lu­cas Vin­cent Cor­ner Brook

No, I’m just wing­ing it. I’m look­ing for binders, pen­cils, pens, stuff like that. No, you’ve got to get all you’ve got to get. You’re go­ing to need it.

Carla Brake Pasadena

Yes, the list was pro­vided by the school in our son’s re­port card in June, so we just go around with the list and pick it up. We re­use what we have from last year and just pick up any new things that we need. It’s re­ally help­ful be­cause you just get what you need and be done with it.

Cheyanne Big­gin Cor­ner Brook

I’ve seen the list, so yes, I don’t have it with me. I know the things they’re go­ing to use in the class­room. So, I’m not buy­ing ex­tras. It just lets you know what they would like. No.

Abby Batt Benoit’s Cove

I have a list at home that came in with my re­port card, so, I’m just go­ing off my mind. Mostly binders and ex­er­cise books, cal­cu­la­tors, geometry set. No bud­get. I’ll get some sneak­ers and my birth­day was a few days ago, so, I’m us­ing my money to get new clothes for school.

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