Vot­ing with a pur­pose

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Dear Ed­i­tor:

You can’t flip a coin and ex­pect any­thing but heads or tails. Yet, we some­how al­ways con­vince our­selves to flip-flop be­tween the same two par­ties ev­ery elec­tion. We no longer vote to be heard or to make a state­ment, we vote to ‘win’ and in do­ing so en­sure we lose ev­ery time. We’re our own worst en­e­mies!

“Strate­gic Vot­ing” is a pow­er­ful piece of rhetoric that, com­bined with our con­stant out­rage, con­vinces us to vote against our best in­ter­est. We are so des­per­ate to re­move ‘Heads’ from govern­ment that we vote in a land­slide for ‘Tails’; the new ma­jor­ity govern­ment (or rather, the few in charge of it) is given com­plete con­trol of the prov­ince for four years of cor­rupt, ar­ro­gant, short-sighted be­hav­ior; af­ter four years we’re so an­gry at ‘Tails’ we vote in a land­slide for ‘Heads’ again. It’s a vi­cious cy­cle, and it’s in­sane, and we keep do­ing it. What’s the point of choos­ing one of two ruts in the road, when the road is in the wrong di­rec­tion?

Our worst-case sce­nario in 2019 isn’t another Lib­eral govern­ment. It’s not even another Con­ser­va­tive govern­ment. Our worst-case sce­nario is another ma­jor­ity govern­ment, and I know just the cure: vote al­ter­na­tives. If we start vot­ing for our be­liefs, for other par­ties and in­de­pen­dent can­di­dates, we can pre­vent that out-of-con­trol ma­jor­ity and put the brakes on this mess. We’re told that a vote for NDP/Indy/New is a waste, but I be­lieve quite the op­po­site is true. If we need a $20 bill, what’s the sense in vot­ing for loonies?

Shane Snook

Flat Bay

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