The Woolwich Observer : 2018-11-29

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8 | COMMENT THE OBSERVER | THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2018 » » » FEATURE ITEM: 2/lb $ .69 LEAN GROUND BEEF Reg.$3.30/lb DEPEN IND LOCAL ALWAYS. LO ALWAY LOCAL. ALWAYS. WAYS. INDEPENDENT. INDEPENDENT DEPENDENT. INDEPENDENT. LOCAL. LOCAL. LOCAL. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. WAYS. DEPENDENT. INDEPENDENT. LOCAL. WAYS. CHICKEN WINGS 2018 $4.99/lb Reg.$6.25 /lb KIT MEDIA ST.ALBERT EXTRA OLD $8.99/lb CHEDDAR CHEESE Reg.$9.84 /lb FROZEN STRIP LOIN, TENDERLOIN AND RIB EYE Get your business hopping again. Advertise locally. 15% off STEAK The results of doing nothing. HOURS: 2065 Floradale Rd. Elmira, ON. Tuesday - Friday 8am - 6pm effective Rates 2018 May Saturday us follow 9am - NOON PHONE: TOLL FREE: 519-669-2300 844-669-2300 Sunday Our plant is 100% Gluten Free Call us: 519-669-5790 x104 or online: CLOSED [email protected] Online 1: ail

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