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SPORTS | 11 THE OBSERVER | THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2018 Assists: Marlee Fraser, Kaitlyn Novice: LL#2 THE SCORE Hyatt Nov 30 vs Waterloo Ravens Black Katie Lee 1 5 Home: Visitor: Ava Weber Bronwyn Rozema Novice: B Goals: Assists: Dec 01 vs Owen Sound Ice Hawks Haycock, Tyson Moran Owen Weber (4), Mitch Walker, Tyson Moran, Beckett Wadel, Nate Martin Weiss, Ethan Straus WOOLWICH WILDCATS Assists: Novice: LL#2 Novice: 0 7 MAJOR A Home: Visitor: Dec 01 vs Twin Centre Hericanes Dec 01 vs Innisfil Winterhawks Novice: LL#1 Novice: B 4 1 Home: Visitor: Ethan Straus (2), Bryce McFadden, Kolten Noot Kitson Bakker, Nathan Seller, Sullivan Shantz, Cody Paquet, Jack Wood Dec 27 vs Plattsville Rage Dec 01 vs Twin Centre Hericanes PeeWee: MINOR A 7 1 Home: Visitor: Ava Weber (3), Bronwyn Rozema (2), Vienna Cooney (2) Eden Ropp (2), Maria Martin (2), Olivia Adams Goals: 2 3 Home: Visitor: Kolton Brubacher, Ethan Leveck Goals: Dec 01 vs Milton Winterhawks Goals: 3 2 Home: Visitor: Isal McCoubrey (3) Chloe Futher, Elle Schwindt. 1 3 Home: Visitor: Riley Dettweiler Carter Snider Assists: Assists: Goals: Assists: Assists: Kolton Brubacher Novice: Major A Novice: LL#2 Novice: MAJOR A PeeWee: MINOR A Novice: B Nov 30 vs Collingwood Blackhawks Dec 01 vs Huron Heat Dec 02 vs Georgina Blaze Dec 02 vs New Hamburg Huskies Dec 02 vs Haldimand Rivercats 3 0 Home: Visitor: Ava Weber (3) Eden Ropp, Maria Martin, Brook Wilson Alanna Pickett 2 4 Home: Visitor: Owen Porter, Jackson 6 3 Home: Visitor: Owen Porter (2), Cody Paquet, Bryce McFadden, Jackson Gillies, Kolten Noot Bryce McFadden (3), Carter Crane, Ethan Straus 0 2 Home: Visitor: Goals: Assists: Goals: 1 0 Home: Visitor: Danny Schaefer Carson Staken, Haiden Wagner Goals: Gillies Novice: LL#1 Goals: Assists: Assists: Bryce McFadden, Kitson Bakker, Jack Wood Dec 01 vs Burlington Barracudas Shutouts: Assists: Veitch, Sutton Meier Evan Reger, Zion Shadd Bantam: LL1 0 5 Shutouts: Home: Visitor: Ayden Schaap Novice: B PeeWee: B Atom: Atom: MAJOR A LL#1 Dec 03 vs Waterloo Nov 30 vs Haldimand Rivercats Novice: LL#1 Atom: MINOR A Bantam: MINOR AE Dec 01 vs Mitchell 3 2 Dec 02 vs Georgina Blaze Nov 24 vs Oro Thunder #2 Home: Visitor: Corbin Schmidt, Ashton Weber, Ethan Murr Josh Moore, Ethan Murr, Carter Rollins (2), Sam Goebel 2 0 Home: Visitor: Audrey English, Isla McCoubrey Ellie Clemmer, Sage Dec 02 vs Waterloo Ravens 2 1 Home: Visitor: Jordyn MacDonald, Kayleigh Futher Avaigail Keagan, Sarah Montgomery Dec 01 vs Centre Wellington Fusion Dec 01 vs Center Wellington Fusion Goals: 5 4 5 4 Home: Visitor: Carter Weir, Bryce Brubacher, Luke Wood, Spencer Hume, Caleb Paquet Sutton Meier (2), Adam Bloch, MacIvor Zettel, Declan Martin, Spencer Hume, Avery Collingwood, Alex Veitch Home: Visitor: Caleb Antonello, Zion Shadd, Jonah Schmidt (3) Nicholas Schlegel, Evan Reger (2) Goals: Goals: 0 5 Home: Visitor: Goals: Goals: 0 4 Home: Visitor: 1 5 Home: Visitor: Owen Brown Haiden Idzik, Jett Renon Novice: LL#1 Assists: Assists: Assists: Goals: Assists: Atom: MINOR A Assists: Dec 01 vs Huron Heat Balog Assists: Dec 02 vs Guelph Gryphons 5 0 Home: Visitor: Taylor Rayfield (2), Madison Gofton (2), Emma Forwell Shutouts: Elle English Bantam: LL1 WOOLWICH THRASHERS Bantam: MINOR AE 4 2 Home: Visitor: Colton Sinclair, Rhys Taylor, Nolan Martin (2) Mason Gear, Zach Carter, Josh Wraight, Thomas McCarthy, Cruz Balog Goals: Bantam: LL1 Dec 03 vs Oakridge Atom: MAJOR A Goals: Dec 03 vs Caledon Hawks 0 1 Nov 30 vs Oakville Home: Visitor: Nov 30 vs Orillia Terriers 6 3 Home: Visitor: Mason Sparks (2), Jonathan Enns (2), David Taylor, Evan Gruhl Owen Brown (2), Evan Gruhl, Mason Sparks (3), Haiden Idzik (3), Jonathan Enns, Ben Moyer (2) Novice 12 0 Home: Visitor: Oscar Fitch, Josh Moore (3), Sam Goebel, Jackson Smith, Gabe Hicknell (2), Ashton Weber, Nicholas Ritchie, Ethan Murr (2) Gabe Hicknell, Nicholas Ritchie (3), Josh Moore (2), Carter Rollins (3), Ethan Murr, Sam Goebel, Jonathan Thiessen, Corbin Schmidt Luke Mann 5 3 Home: Visitor: Mitchell Krasovec (2), Spencer Hume, Caleb Paquet, Carter Weir Adam Bloch Atom: Assists: MAJOR A Emma Forwell, Taylor Rayfield WOOLWICH WILD Assists: Goals: Goals: Nov 24 vs Windsor Ice Bullets Goals: Dec 02 vs Barrie Colts 1 2 Home: Visitor: Jesse Chamberlain Megan O’Brien Shutouts: Haylee Turcott 2 0 Home: Visitor: Spencer Hume, Bryce Brubacher Luke Wood, MacIvor Novice: LL#2 Goals: Assists: Assists: Goals: PeeWee: MAJOR AE Novice: LL#1 Dec 02 vs Burlington Assists: Dec 02 vs Halton Hills Thunder Nov 30 vs Waterloo Ravens (Black) 1 6 Home: Visitor: Bronwyn Rozema Tatianna Kocan, Lexi Assists: Assists: Atom: MAJOR A Bantam 1 4 Home: Visitor: Matthew Ramage Jack Rozema Goals: Assists: Zettel Nov 30 vs Collingwood Blackhawks Dec 02 vs Hamilton Sledgehammers Goals: Assists: 6 1 Home: Visitor: Madison Gofton (5), Cam Holland Charlie Wilson (3), Emily Wright, Kim Bishop Tournaments Shutouts: Reed Snyder Goals: Gaudet Novice: MAJOR A 4 0 Home: Visitor: Mitchell Krasovec (2), Caleb Paquet, Sutton Meier Sutton Meier (2), Lucas Benham, Adam Bloch, Declan Martin, Caleb Paquet Carson Waechter 6 0 Home: Visitor: Dillon Stuebing (2), Dustin Hoag (2), Logan Gillingham, Hunter Karn Josh Chambers (2), Gideon Chamberlain, Dillon Stuebing, Jeramee Snethlage, Michael Papaioannou, Troy Clemmer Atom: LL#1 PeeWee: PeeWee: BB MINOR AE Nov 30 vs Bradford Bulldogs Goals: Goals: Assists: Shutouts: Nov 23 vs Lincoln Oilers Dec 01 vs Orangeville Dec 01 vs Guelph 3 1 Home: Visitor: Bryce McFadden (2), Cody Paquet 3 6 Home: Visitor: Evan Reger (2), Zion Bantam: LL1 Goals: Assists: 2 1 3 3 Home: Visitor: Brie Brezynksie, Sara Forwell Home: Visitor: Owen Weppler, Brooks Lehtonen, Tyler Gingrich Bryson Rozema (2), Brandon Fishman, Patrick McCarthy, Graydon Martin Goals: Novice: LL#1 Assists: Goals: Goals: Nov 30 vs Walkerton Shadd Nov 30 vs Twin Centre Hericanes Assists: Arabelle Weiss 5 1 Home: Visitor: Ethan Murr, Carter Rollins, Josh Moore (2), Corbin Schmidt Carter Rollins, Jonathan Thiessen, Ashton Weber Assists: Jonah Schmidt (2), Kelan English Shutouts: Assists: Assists: Olivia Straus, Sophie Payne, Claire Catton Goals: Novice: MAJOR A 8 2 Home: Visitor: Madison Gofton (6), Keira Walsh, Emily Wright Cam Holland, Kim Bishop, Emily Wright, Taylor Rayfield Atom: MAJOR A Dec 01 vs Huntsville Otters Goals: Atom: LL#1 Assists: Bantam: B Dec 01 vs Whitby Wildcats Blue Shutouts: Daniel Peters 3 2 Home: Visitor: Ethan Straus, Jackson Gillies, Nathan Seller Sullivan Shantz, Kolten Noot, Cody Paquet, Arabelle Nov 24 vs Woolwich Wildcats LL#3 PeeWee: MAJOR A Dec 01 vs Wilmot Wolverines 3 1 Home: Visitor: Spencer Hume, Mitchell Krasovec, Caleb Paquet Bryce Brubacher, Alex Goals: Assists: Dec 01 vs Ancaster Avalanche Bantam: LL1 Goals: 2 0 Home: Visitor: Taylor Schmitt, Marlee 3 2 Home: Visitor: Jonah Schmidt, Zion Shadd, Caleb Antonello 4 4 Home: Visitor: Eric Kane (2), Hudson Goals: Assists: Dec 01 vs Oakridge Goals: Goals: Fraser Assists: 0 2 Home: Visitor: 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