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Quebec acquisitio­n


Home Hardware Stores Ltd has joined with Quebec-based Groupe Turcotte to acquire Quebec-based home improvemen­t retailer Patrick Morin Inc. The deal will see Group Turcotte and Home Hardware Stores Limited purchase 21 stores and one distributi­on centre in the province of Quebec.

“We’ll know very quickly what sells and what doesn’t, then we’re allowed to go back to them and make requests. They said they can’t necessaril­y support all of our requests but they definitely will do whatever they can to make it work.”

She said she’ll encourage customers to leave feedback about their favourites, noting her list includes the Nanaimo bars.

“I have a word of caution: some of the dishes are addicting.

M&Ms has come a long way from where they were even 10 years ago – the quality, the nutritiona­l value,” said McBay.

“It’s not your typical freezer-burnt frozen food. There are a lot of very strict precaution­s in place to make sure that the product is flash-frozen so it’s frozen fresh – everything is timed. You’re going to be hooked.”

While an official launch party will have to wait given the circumstan­ces, the M&M Food Market Express is now open at the 22 Church St. W. location.

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