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Fast, easy and incredibly flavorful


There are several steps you can take to elevate lean chicken breasts for a weeknight meal. We started with a bold citrus vinaigrett­e.

For an intense hit of citrus flavour, we used lemon juice enhanced with both lemon and orange zest. Then, pounding the chicken breasts to an even thickness ensured that they cooked at the same rate and stayed juicy.

A little cinnamon and cumin rubbed onto the chicken added deep flavor and the heady aroma of warm spice to the dish.

Dredging the seasoned breasts in flour before searing protected their exteriors from becoming tough. Plus, the seared flour created a textured surface for the vinaigrett­e to cling to.

Slicing the cooked chicken before topping it with the vinaigrett­e made each bite well-seasoned. A sprinkling of cilantro added a fresh herbal counterpoi­nt to finish the dish.

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