The Woolwich Observer : 2021-02-25

BUSINESS : 14 : 14


THE OBSERVER | Thursday, February 25, 2021 14 | BUSINESS Calling small business owners COVID-19 support could be available to you. • Grants of up to $20,000 through the Ontario Small Business Support Grant • Up to $1,000 in support for purchasing PPE through • Rebates for property tax and energy costs Ontario's Main Street Relief Grant 2021 Hʎˍ́ɟ ڂˆͽͮʎɟ̿ڂ ԲԆԅԼ ڂ ɿ̿́˪ڂ^ˍ˪ʡ̿ǵ ڂ͝ʎ́΢͝ڂ́ɿɿ ڂ ʎɟ̿ڂ͝˱́΢ ڂ ɿ́̿ͮձ ڂ Submitted We’re working to ensure small businesses can keep employing people and serving their communitie­s now and when COVID-19 is behind us. Visit­rt to apply Paid for by the Government of Ontario ƉǵɎʡɟ ڂˆ̿ɟΰ ڂ ԲԍԼ ڂ ǵ˱Ɏ ڂ ʎɟ̿ڂ ɎǵɎ ڂ ɿ̿́˪ڂ^ˍ˪ʡ̿ǵ ڂ˪ǵɎɟ ڂ ǵ ڂ̻ͽʡ˱φʎɟɟհ ڂ ǵ ڂͮΰ̵ɟ ɿ́ڂ ڂ͝˱́΢ ڂ ɿ́̿ͮձ ڂ Submitted Community Care Concepts ćǵɂ˅́͝˱ڂ ԲԏԼհ ڂ@̿ǵͽ˱ڂ ԲԆԅԼ ڂ ǵ˱Ɏ ڂ ľǵ˅ˍɟΰ ڂ ԲԊԼ ڂ S̿ǵ̵ɟ̿ڂ ɿ̿́˪ڂ^ˍ˪ʡ̿ǵ ڂ̵́͝ɟ ڂ ΢ʡͮʎ ڂͮʎɟʡ̿ڂ͝˱́΢ ڂ ɂ̿ɟǵͮʡ́˱͝ڂ˱ǵ˪ɟɎ ڂ Ɖ˱́΢ΰհ ڂ Ėɟǵɿ ڂ ǵ˱Ɏ ڂ ġǵ̵ˍɟձ ڂ Submitted of Woolwich, Wellesley and Wilmot We are finalists in eight categories for the ONCA’s 2020 BNC Awards Helping Seniors and Adults with Disabiliti­es to Live Independen­tly in Their Own Home Meals on Wheels • Transporta­tion Day Programs • Homemakers • Maintenanc­e Friendly Visitors • Community Meals • Social Programs Transporta­tion from Hospital to Home FREE Community Exercise and Falls Prevention Classes FREE Short Term Home Support General Excellence Best Editorial Humour Columnist of the year Cartoonist of the year Best Front Page In House Promotion Local Retail Layout Best Community Website Circ. 12,500 - 22,499 Circ. over 10,000 Circ. over 10,000 Circ. over 10,000 For informatio­n, services or support contact Community Care Concepts 519-664-1900 1-855-664-1900 | observerxt­