The Woolwich Observer : 2021-02-25

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THE OBSERVER | Thursday, February 25, 2021 | 16 Arts Read a local best seller every week. Local stories that inspire. Email: newsroom@woolwichob­ Tips: observerxt­ Common Conditions Curious about how Paediatric Physiother­apy can help your child? X X X X X X X X Torticolli­s Plagioceph­aly (flat head) Toe walking Infantile postural scoliosis Pronated feet Flat feet /pes planus Idiopathic isolated clubfoot Gross motor developmen­tal delays Call us today to book with Nimmy to inquire about family centered paediatric physiother­apy. S ڂ ƉŴľƗ ڂ Ք ڂ ĩľĩ ڂ ŴżÄĩƗÄĩŒ Our Physiother­apist Nimmy has also taken advanced education in paediatric therapy. ELMIRA www.sosphysiot­ 519•669•1212 3 Wyatt St. East