The Woolwich Observer : 2021-02-25

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THE OBSERVER | Thursday, February 25, 2021 | 8 Opinion When local news matters ... ... it matters where you get your local news. Connect: observerxt­ OBSERVER EDITORIAL Verbatim Canadians are divided on whether spring break should proceed at the same time as it ͽ͝ͽǵˍˍΰ ڂ Ɏ́ɟ͝ڂ ԲԉԆِԼհ ڂ Ȼɟ ڂ ɂǵ˱ɂɟˍˍɟɎ ڂ ԲԇԐِԼհ ڂ̿́ڂ Ȼɟ ڂ̵̵́ͮ́͝˱ɟɎ ڂ́ͮڂ ǵ ڂˍǵͮɟ̿ڂ Ɏǵͮɟ ڂ ԲԇԎِԼ ڂ ΢ʎɟ̿ɟ ڂ they live. Some 8% of Canadians indicate that they or someone in their household plan(s) to travel during spring break. Leger poll The Monitor “The big banks can afford to do much more to help during this crisis, and must be required by law to disclose much more informatio­n about how they treat customers and borrowers, and about their profits in every part of their business, to ensure they don’t gouge, discrimina­te against or abuse anyone.” Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch calls on Ottawa to make the banks do more for Canadians.