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WRPS issues scam warnings during Fraud Prevention Month

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During Fraud Prevention Month, Waterloo Regional Police have launched a campaign to educate the public on current scams affecting the community.

With the pandemic forcing people to stay home, many people have turned to the internet to search for employment, order groceries and 11յ05 PM | Waterloo Regional Police responded to reports of a collision involving a snowplow and a Ford SUV at Henry Street and Queensway Drive in St. Jacobs. The initial investigat­ion revealed that the driver of the SUV was pulling out from a private drive when it was struck by the truck. The driver of the SUV, a 37-year-old woman, was transporte­d to hospital with non-life-threatenin­g injuries. Henry Street was closed for several hours while police investigat­ed. The investigat­ion is ongoing by members of Waterloo Regional Police Service’s Traffic Unit. Anyone who witnessed the collision is asked to ɂǵˍˍڂ ̵́ˍʡɂɟ ڂ ڂͮǵ ԋԆԐՔԋԎԅՔ 9777 extension 8856 or H̿ʡ˪ɟ ڂ Ɖ̵̵ͮ́ɟ̿͝ڂ ڂͮǵ ԆՔԏԅԅՔ ԇԇԇՔԏԊԎԎձ

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2յ00 PM | Waterloo Regional Police received a report of a theft from a vehicle on Ferris Drive in Wellesley Township. The victim’s vehicle was left unlocked and was rummaged through. Personal property was taken from the vehicle. Anyone who has not complete everyday tasks. This has left more people susceptibl­e to on-line scams and fraudsters who are looking to capitalize on the challengin­g ͮʡ˪ɟ͝ڂ́ɿ ڂ HľǃÄSՔԆԐհ ڂ̵́ˍʡɂɟ ڂ say.

Some of the scams that will be highlighte­d on the WRPS social media sites and webpage include:

• Bitcoin scam reported a similar theft is encouraged to do so by visiting www.wrps. to file an online report, or calling police ڂͮǵ ԋԆԐՔԋԎԅՔԐԎ­ԎԎձ ڂ džǵͮɟ̿loo Regional Police are encouragin­g the public to report any suspicious activity immediatel­y. Residents are reminded to lock their vehicles and keep valuables out of sight. 8յ20 PM | Wellington County OPP responded to a report of a single-vehicle collision on Wellington Road 38 at Highway 6 north of Guelph, where a black pickup truck collided with a hydro pole, causing a power outage in the area. Police spoke with the driver and determined that their ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by alcohol. The driver was placed under arrest and transporte­d to a local OPP Operation Centre for further testing. A 28-year-old Kitchener man was charged with ‘operation while impaired -alcohol or drug’ and ‘operation while impaired - ԏԅ ڂ̵ˍͽ͝ձ՟ڂ ڂ ԐԅՈɎǵΰ ڂˍʡɂɟ˱ɂɟ ڂ suspension and sevenday Vehicle Impoundmen­t were initiated. The accused is scheduled to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice – Guelph on March 16 to answer to

Online buy and sell scam

• Gift card scam • Employment scam Throughout the month, police will describe how individual­s are falling victim and will provide safety tips to prevent becoming a victim of fraud.

Fraud Prevention Month is an annual

• the charge.

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2յ00 AM | Wellington County OPP responded to a single-vehicle collision near Church Street West in Elora, where the vehicle went down an embankment at the end of a dead-end street and came to a stop on a walking trail. While speaking with the driver, officers formed the opinion that the driver was under the influence by alcohol. A roadside screening test was conducted which resulted in a fail. The driver was arrested and underwent further testing. The 51-year-old Brampton man was charged with ‘operaͮʡ́˱ڂ ΢ʎʡˍɟ ڂ ʡ˪̵ǵʡ̿ɟɎ ڂ Ո ڂ ԏԅ ڂ plus’ and ‘possession of a controlled substance – cocaine.’ His licence was ͝ͽ̵͝ɟ˱ɎɟɎ ڂ ɿ́̿ڂ Ԑԅ ڂ Ɏǵΰ͝ڂ ǵ˱Ɏ ڂ vehicle impounded for a week. He is to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice – Œͽɟˍ̵ʎ ڂ˱́ڂ ġǵ̿ɂʎ ڂ ԉԅձ 10յ13 AM | Police received a report of a theft from a motor vehicle in Wellesley Township. It is believed that an unlocked vehicle was entered sometime overnight between February 25 and February 26. Nothing was taken from awareness campaign that empowers Canadians with the informatio­n they need to recognize, reject and report fraud. Consider sharing this informatio­n with friends, neighbours, and family members who may not be connected to social media or who may have missed previous warnings in the news. the vehicle. Anyone with informatio­n is encouraged ڂ́ͮ ɂǵˍˍڂ̵́ˍʡɂɟ ڂ ڂͮǵ ԋԆԐՔԋԎԅՔ 9777 or Crime Stoppers at ԆՔԏԅԅՔԇԇԇՔ­ԏԊԎԎձ ڂ

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1յ13 PM | Police responded to a rear-end collision involving two vehicles at Arthur Street and Listowel Road in Elmira. Damage was minor and there were no injuries reported. 2յ55 PM | Waterloo Regional Police responded to a report of a collision in Wellesley Township. A semi-truck was travelling north on Hutchison Road, just north of Hessen Strauss, when strong gusts of wind caused the trailer to start swaying over the road. The driver was travelling at slow speeds due to the gusts of wind, ice on the road and drifting snow, but was unable to take control of the trailer, causing the semi-truck and trailer to jackknife and block the road. The region was notified, and barricades were set up until salters could de-ice the roads. The truck and trailer were assisted back onto the roadway by tow crews. The driver did not sustain any physical injuries.

 ?? Damon MacLean ?? Police responded to a minor collision near the St. Jacobs roundabout on Monday afternoon.
Damon MacLean Police responded to a minor collision near the St. Jacobs roundabout on Monday afternoon.

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