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ŴľƉƗ ڂ Ŵ ĩS^ġÄH ڂ Œյ Industry learning the importance of working together


9 with COVID. The only way that all of us were able to adapt to COVID successful­ly was by working together,” explains Van Den Heuvel. “COVID showed us what true collaborat­ion brings us; it showed us when we work together, how much further we can get.”

But the benefits of increased communicat­ion haven’t been limited to within the industry. With more people cooking at home during the pandemic, COVID-19 has provided the agricultur­al industry with a valuable opportunit­y to connect with consumers about their food and what’s being done to ensure food security in Canada.

“There has been heightened interest in Canadian food during the pandemic, and Canadian consumers are increasing­ly interested in where their food is coming from,” says Green.

Adds Van Den Heuvel, “There is definitely a recognitio­n for agricultur­e amongst the public like we haven’t necessaril­y seen in the past, and that means more opportunit­ies to connect with the public about their food.”

What things will look like post-pandemic is still anyone’s guess. But one thing is for certain: Canadian farmers’ abilities to adapt and continue to produce safe and healthy products are proof that the pandemic won’t hurt the agricultur­al industry. It will make it stronger.

“Everyone in agricultur­e recognizes that everyone else in agricultur­e is going through similar challenges,” says Bennett. “And that collaborat­ion will only make the industry stronger for everyone because COVID showed us that you never know what’s next.”

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