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ETSY-PRENEUR: Venture has taught her about the importance of shopping locally, supporting small business


notes in her Etsy profile.

“I remember in Grade

9, I was [talking] with my guidance counsellor, because I couldn’t fit all the science courses I needed to go to university. We also had an entreprene­ur course at our high school, so I was so torn: I wanted to do the entreprene­ur, but I needed all the sciences and math to get into the university program. I ended up going with all the sciences and math, obviously. But yeah, definitely, I will be looking to continue doing business; I actually have a couple more ideas in mind, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Currently, Schade is happy with the attention her Etsy store has gotten.

“They’ve been really good, actually, since I’ve posted on Facebook – it started in the Breslau group, and then from there, just word of mouth. I also posted on marketplac­e and I got one sale. And then that lady shared to her neighborho­od group and I got a lot of sales from that. Mostly word of mouth is what I’m relying on right now.”

Since launching her own venture, Schade has learned the importance of supporting local businesses, and the satisfacti­on of seeing others do the same.

“Support a small business. You’re supporting a person behind it, not just a large corporatio­n. I’m genuinely so happy when I get a sale,” she said with a smile.

 ?? Damon MacLean ?? Some of the customized dog tags available through the shop.
Damon MacLean Some of the customized dog tags available through the shop.

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