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WE Charity created positive change in communitie­s


To the Editor,

I feel that it is very important to let people know that, surprising­ly, not everything we hear in the Canadian news these days is true!

I was recently interviewe­d for a Fifth Estate piece about WE Charity that was aired on The National on March 7, and appeared in print online on March 8. I had only agreed to speak with the guarantee that I would be permitted to speak about the only part I truly knew about, and that was my personal experience alongside our volunteer group from Mount Forest. Unfortunat­ely

CBC reporting took parts of my answers to certain questions and tacked the words onto answers to other questions in order to make it seem that I agreed with an attack on WE Charity, which obviously was the “goal” of their piece.

When I told them that our experience had been completely positive and that WE Charity had always sent us regular updates about the work our money was helping to finance, they kept repeating, “But surely you were upset to learn that other groups also were fundraisin­g for the deep bore well at Osenetoi (Kenya), just as you were?”

In actual fact we always knew other groups were raising funds for this community. Many things can happen to donations if situations change. For example, at Osenetoi, after our visit in 2011, the famine there continued to the point that the local people were close to death from starvation. WE sent us informatio­n explaining that they needed to do food drops for the people there, which is not usually part of their mandate whatsoever. Of course we agreed that necessity dictated we redirect some of our donations to this outreach. To put the drilling before the hunger of the people would have been illogical but certainly not mentioned on the news.

I can’t pretend to understand why politician­s would choose to decimate a Canadian charity and the lives of two honorable men, Marc and Craig Kielburger. Free the Children/WE Charity was helping Canadian youth embrace volunteeri­ng and caring about others. Projects and efforts were creating very positive change both in communitie­s here at home and in countries such as Kenya. We witnessed that first hand.

What has happened in the Canadian news world that has led to stirring up a controvers­y by putting imaginary words in trusting people’s mouths rather than presenting an objective, balanced piece? The trend of creating drama and the destructio­n it leads to and then following it up months later with a feeble apology is just not what Canadians expect or want from our newscaster­s!

Donna McFarlane

Mount Forest

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