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These frittatas are ideal for an anytime breakfast


Idon’t get it – is it really just an omelette or possibly a quiche without the crust?

No, a frittata is completely different and should in no way be confused with the aforementi­oned!

Either way it makes for great comfort food on a cold day and is an excuse to have breakfast anytime of the day. Just throw a salad beside it and you can easily pass it off as dinner!

So “Frittata” is really just an Italian style omelette and not really all that different at all! Frittata actually means “to fry” in Italian and the word was originally just used to describe any dish cooked in a frying pan.

Fast forward to today and a Frittata is a gourmet dish!

The main difference really is that it is cooked whole in a pan and not flipped and like a quiche it is often made in a large enough quantity to feed more than one person as it can be cut into wedges.

It is typically cooked on the stove long enough to set the bottom and then either flipped (if one is really brave and not afraid of pieces of burnt zucchini trapped in the coils of the electric stove) or finished in the oven to cook through all the way.

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