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Widening Arthur St., Elmira bypass route to be subject of study

- Steve Kannon Observer Staff


MOVING ALONG at a better pace between Elmira and Waterloo, nor taking a route skirting the downtown core just yet, but both those issues are on the Region of Waterloo’s


The region is currently accepting bids to carry out an environmen­tal assessment (EA) that encompasse­s a future widening of the highway between Waterloo and Elmira, as well as a potential bypass route around downtown Elmira.

It’s early days yet, and any potential constructi­on isn’t likely to take place for at least a decade or so.

The region’s transporta­tion master plan has the widening to four lanes of Arthur Street south of the roundabout on the books for 2031, while the northern stretch from Sawmill Road to Listowel Road in Elmira is in the 2031-2041 timeline. A bypass route to funnel traffic around Elmira rather than through the downtown core falls outside that timeline.

“We have a request for proposal currently out for consulting services and completing an EA for the Elmira bypass and Arthur Street corridor study. We’ll be reviewing and identifyin­g traffic and transporta­tion concerns along Arthur Street, and the EA will help us to inform on next steps, including opening discussion­s about whether a bypass or some other alternativ­e is required. We’re in the very early stages,” said project manager Bill Gilbert.

In addition to road widening, improvemen­ts to be looked at as part

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