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WRPS issue warnings regarding ongoing scams


Waterloo Regional Police are taking part in Fraud Prevention Month and is launching a campaign to educate the public on current scams affecting the community.

Throughout the month, police will describe how individual­s are falling victim and will provide safety tips to prevent becoming a victim of fraud. Some of the scams that will be highlighte­d on WRPS social media platforms include:


7:53 PM

| Waterloo Regional Police were conducting a mobile RIDE program in the area of Northfield Drive East and Bridge Street West when they stopped a blue Ford. The driver of the vehicle blew an alert on an approved screening device and was issued a three-day driver’s licence suspension.


7:25 AM

| Police received a report of a theft from a motor vehicle in New Hamburg. Sometime the previous evening, unknown suspect(s) entered a vehicle parked in a driveway on Astor Crescent, causing damage to a side window and stealing personal property. Anyone with informatio­n is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.

8:44 AM

| Police received another report of a theft from a motor vehicle on Astor Crescent in New Hamburg. Sometime overnight, an unknown suspect(s) entered a vehicle parked in a driveway, causing damage to a side window and stealing personal property. Anyone with informatio­n is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.


3:23 AM | Police received a report of a break-andenter in progress at a business in the area of Union and First streets in Elmira. An unknown suspect entered storage containers and vehicles located on the property of the business and stole items contained within. The suspect is described as a male, wearing a black coat, red hooded-sweatshirt, grey jogging pants and black footwear. Anyone with informatio­n

• Bitcoin scam

• Online buy and sell scam

• Gift card scam

• Employment scam

• Scams that target the elderly population Fraud Prevention Month is an annual awareness campaign that provides Canadians the opportunit­y to stay informed on the dangers of fraud and to educate themselves on steps to take to help prevent them from falling victim. It is important

regarding this incident is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.

7:30 PM | Two youths were charged following an investigat­ion into a suspicious vehicle at a ball diamond in the Township of Perth East. A Perth County OPP officer observed a suspicious vehicle on Pierson Street. When police spoke to the occupants of the vehicle, it was determined that the novice driver had consumed alcohol. A roadside screening test was utilized, and the driver registered a warn range result. A three-day license suspension was issued. The 17-year-old driver of Perth East was charged with ‘novice driver - blood alcohol concentrat­ion above 0,’ and a 17-year-old passenger from Perth East was also charged with ‘person under 19 years consuming liquor.’ Both youths were issued Provincial Offences Notices.


10:30 PM | Perth County OPP charged a 25-yearold Milton driver after they were speeding more than 43km/h over the limit in the Township of Perth East. Police stopped a vehicle on Main Street in Milverton after it was found to be travelling in excess of 93km/h in a 50km/h limit zone. The driver was charged with ‘race motor vehicle – stunt.’ A 30-day-driving suspension and 14-day vehicle impoundmen­t were initiated. The accused is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Stratford at a later date to answer to the charges. In 2021, changes to the provincial stunt driving laws saw a decrease in the threshold for what is considered racing, to 40km/h over the speed limit, or higher, on roads that Canadians consider sharing this informatio­n with friends, neighbours and family members who may not have access to this informatio­n.

For additional resources and informatio­n pertaining to scams and frauds; also available in various languages, visit the Canadian Government­s Protect Yourself Against Fraud page, the Competitio­n Bureau website, or the Anti-Fraud Centre website.

with a posted speed limit that is less than 80km/h. It is still considered stunt driving when a vehicle is travelling 50km/h over the speed limit (or higher) on roads that are 80km/h or higher.


7:27 AM | Police report that a vehicle parked in a lot on Printery Road in St. Jacobs was entered sometime overnight. Unknown persons entered the vehicle by damaging a side window, stealing personal property. Anyone with informatio­n is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.


6:26 AM | A single-vehicle collision brought police to Northfield Drive East near Township Road 3 in Woolwich Township. The vehicle was travelling on Northfield when the driver lost control and the vehicle rolled over into a ditch. No physical injuries were reported.


12:11 AM | Police conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle in the area of the St. Jacobs roundabout. As a result of the investigat­ion, the driver of the vehicle was charged with a number of Highway Traffic Act offences, including ‘speeding’ and ‘suspended driving’ and their vehicle was impounded for seven days.

12:28 PM | Police responded to the report of theft of a trailer from the yard of a business in the area of Industrial Drive in Elmira. Sometime between 2 p.m. on Feb. 26 and 7 a.m. on Feb. 28, an unknown suspect(s) attended the yard and stole a trailer. Anyone with informatio­n is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.

of the study include the possible urbanizati­on (curb and gutter, street lighting) of the roadway, storm sewers, drainage improvemen­ts, watermains, sanitary sewers, intersecti­on improvemen­ts, and active transporta­tion (pedestrian­s, cyclists) and transit facilities.

The EA process will identify the need for the full range of improvemen­ts, and what they might look like, said Gilbert.

Discussion­s about widening Arthur Street comes as Elmira sees significan­t growth, leading to greater northsouth traffic flows into Waterloo. The bypass has been a longstandi­ng topic of discussion at Woolwich Township, though it’s only recently made it onto the region’s radar.

Woolwich’s official plan calls for an assessment to look at possible routes to keep through-traffic, particular­ly trucks, out of the downtown core. A likely scenario would see a route running east of the Arthur Street, perhaps branching off of the main road at Union

Street at the south end and rejoining the road to the north in the vicinity of Kenning Place. Arthur Street is a regional road, with congestion being the region’s responsibi­lity.

There haven’t been any formal talks with the region since the EA was announced, said Jared Puppe, Woolwich’s director of infrastruc­ture services, adding he’s looking forward to the process.

“The region’s looking at this every which way from Sunday. They’re going to look at the west side, the east side – they’re not confined anywhere. I think that’s a great approach, because I think there could be pros and cons. It’s very expensive going on the river side, but the west side would offer cost efficienci­es, potentiall­y easier servicing,” he said, welcoming the fact that the region is getting the ball rolling.

“Figuring out the best route is going to be a tough one, and of course you’re never going to satisfy everybody. But the fact that the region is starting it, I think is really good news.”

Gilbert said staff are looking to bring the hiring of a consultant to council by June. Once selected, the consultant would undertake some background studies before turning to the public consultati­on stage in late-2022 or early 2023.

“The purpose of the study is to look at the traffic and transporta­tion concerns and identify some needs and opportunit­ies. The EA is going to help inform us specifical­ly on the next steps regarding the bypass and widening, about whether a bypass or other alternativ­es is required and how that might be accommodat­ed. So we’re really just in that starting stages,” he said.

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