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FIRST TAP: Some producers already making syrup, while others wait


into a more comfortabl­e range, some are halfway through tapping, and particular­ly large producers who began tapping early have had their first boil with the warm weather this week,” OMAFRA agroforest­ry specialist Jenny Liu reports via the weekly sap overview.

While the first tap often starts the countdown to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, that event will be online-only again this year. The start of the pandemic saw the event cancelled in 2020, and then go virtual in 2021. EMSF committee co-chair Doug McLean was on hand at the event, nonetheles­s.

“I’ve been planning the maple syrup festival for 40-plus years. We’re really sad that three years in we’re not having actual people on the street,” McLean told those at the Hoovers’. “We were forced to decide to shut the festival down and I got a lot of phone calls after that, but in hindsight it was the right decision. This year we’ve moved to a virtual festival again like we did last year.

“We have lots of things that are going to be online – lots of vendors, we have a trip to the sugar bush on there, we have sappy hour on there. We have a bunch of swag that can be purchased.”

The festival will run online the first weekend in April. Until then, maple syrup lovers can take tours at farm operations such as Hoover’s Maple Syrup. More informatio­n can be found on their website, www.hooversmap­lesyrup. com.

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