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Agency seeking Woolwich food provider for Meals on Wheels program

- Steve Kannon

COMING OUT OF A STRETCH when most restaurate­urs didn’t know if they’d be able to open their doors, let alone how many people might show up, Community Care Concepts has an opportunit­y available to a Woolwich operator.

The organizati­on is looking for a service provider to prepare the food for its Meals on Wheels program in the township. It’s a service that’s been running for 36 years.

Given that the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, the program gives providers a consistent, reliable demand for their kitchens.

“We’re looking for a new provider to be that food source,” said Cathy

Harrington, executive director of Community Care Concepts. “I’d really like to support a local business.”

Just now, Wellesley provider Schmidtsvi­lle Restaurant is covering the Woolwich clients as well, but the agency is seeking a permanent supplier.

While the food must be prepared in an inspected commercial kitchen, it may not necessaril­y be a restaurant, Harrington added, pointing to the likes of community or church groups.

CCC is open to discussing options with any interested parties.

“This is such an important program. We’re looking for someone who wants to work with us to meet these needs,” said Harrington. “It’s very much our flagship program.”

While daily demand can fluctuate – not every client orders each day, with some on other schedules – the agency serves about 8,400 meals in Woolwich over the course of the year. And demand has been climbing.

The food provider is supplied with all the containers needed to package up the meals, which are distribute­d at noon each day, said support worker Jen Fink.

The portions are smaller than regular restaurant fare, and orders need to adapt to any special dietary needs. Good nutrition is a key considerat­ion, as is price, as what CCC pays is passed onto its clients.

“We’re very conscious of that,” said Harrington.

Interested parties can contact Community Care Concepts for more details, including an informatio­n package.

“We’d be more than willing to meet with them,” she said. “We’re really trying to appeal to the community to fill a need.”

The organizati­on is also welcoming volunteers to deliver the meals. Along with ensuring seniors get a nutritious meal, the service also provides the clients with much-needed social contact.

“The person delivering the meal may be the only person they see that day,” said Harrington.

As with all organizati­ons, Community Care Concepts has had to restrict volunteer activities and recruitmen­t through the pandemic, but opportunit­ies are now opening up again.

 ?? Steve Kannon ?? Community Care Concepts’ Cathy Harrington and Jen Fink with examples of Meals on Wheels servings.
Steve Kannon Community Care Concepts’ Cathy Harrington and Jen Fink with examples of Meals on Wheels servings.

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