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Woolwich Gardeners looking for other green thumbs for this year’s garden tour

- Justine Fraser

SPRING ON THE HORIZON, LOCAL horticultu­ral enthusiast­s are already preparing and planning for that time when they’ll be digging up dirt, planting new beds for pollinator­s and creating displays that showcase their favourites.

You can count members of the Woolwich Gardeners among the most eager to see growing season return. The group is already planning its annual garden tour, looking to add new stops this year for people to admire.

Seeking to include more participan­ts, organizer and volunteer Barb Smith is putting a call out to the community.

“We’ve had trouble getting some gardens for the garden tour this year. We are looking for interestin­g yards – people who are gardeners or have interestin­g hardscapin­g like fountains or pools or anything. I doesn’t have to be just gardens and it doesn’t have to be just flowers, it can be vegetable gardens, fruit trees, things that are also interestin­g to people,” said Smith.

“It could be in or around Elmira and they don’t have to be perfect. In fact, people would love to see weeds in somebody else’s garden. They don’t have to be profession­ally landscaped. In fact, probably 99.99 per cent of our gardens haven’t been profession­ally landscaped. People do like to see what they could do themselves. They would love to be invited into somebody else’s garden to take a look see if there are some ideas they could perhaps use in their own garden,” she added of the search for new locations.

The annual garden tour will take place this year on July 9. Gardeners in the area will be able to apply starting now and into the end of April. The garden tour is one of the Woolwich Gardeners’ major fundraiser­s to help offset the costs of the work they do during the spring and summer months to help give the town a pop of colour.

“I would love to talk to people, see their gardens, even if they can’t be on the tour. I always like seeing people’s gardens and sometimes they can give me some clues. Maybe their own house is not ready to be on a tour, but maybe they have a friend or a neighbour,” said Smith.

Anyone looking to sign up or get more informatio­n about the garden tour can contact the event organizer, Barb Smith, via email, barbs@rogers. com. The local horticultu­ral society is looking for gardens of any kind for people to view during the self-guided garden tour.

Launching into spring, the Woolwich Gardeners have their second event of the year coming up March 21 at St. James Lutheran Church in Elmira, where special guest Nancy Lee-Colibaba will host ‘Getting Started in the vegetable garden.’ Non-members are welcome and it is free to attend.

 ?? JustineFra­ser ?? Barb Smith of the Woolwich Gardeners is already busy planning this year's garden tour.
JustineFra­ser Barb Smith of the Woolwich Gardeners is already busy planning this year's garden tour.

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