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Easily adding kale into the mix

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Okay, so I’ve gotten the kale home, it’s really pretty but what in the heck do I do with it?

Here’s a great recipe that will not only make your kale tolerable, but also quite tasty.

It’s got a touch of sweetness and some great textures.

Firstly, don’t be afraid. Secondly embrace the fact that, yes, it is firm and chewy.

The two most important things are to remove thick spines and throw them into your green bin. Then take each leaf and massage it thoroughly. This does not mean to light candles or burn incense or anything like that, just simply squeeze in your hands a couple times and then cut into thin strips.

This sounds like more than two things, but you get the idea.

Now you’re good to go and add your kale into any recipe!

If you can’t find white balsamic, then white wine vinegar will work just as well.

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