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MAYO CLINIC: Watch for the warning signs of vaping

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them due to the difficulty in correctly identifyin­g what they inhaled, especially when they are intubated or unconsciou­s.

The length of time spent vaping can be much longer than smoking a standard cigarette.

While most cigarettes are smoked within two to five minutes, e-cigarettes can last up to 20 minutes, delivering more nicotine and damaging chemicals to the lungs. In addition, some vaping mixtures can contain 20 times the nicotine that a single cigarette contains.

Nicotine also can affect concentrat­ion and brain developmen­t, according to informatio­n and data from a new report from the surgeon general. And nicotine use in young adults still can lead to other illicit substance use.

Talk with your kids about the dangers of vaping and look for warning signs, including: Changes in emotions. Trouble sleeping. Scents of fruity odours on skin, breath and clothes.

Strange cylinders, chargers or batteries lying around. Remember, it's important to have conversati­ons rather than suspicion and accusation­s. Encourage your teen to look into the warnings and media stories related to vaping, or reach out to his or her primary care provider with questions.

Many providers ask their patients about alcohol, drug use and smoking, yet forget to ask about vaping. Project for Teens is an example of a local outreach program that provides support and education on the dangers of vaping. Similar programs may be available in your area. Resources are available to help teens quit through the American Lung Associatio­n and SmokeFreeT­een.

It's up to everyone to work together as a community to stop the youngest members of our population from starting or continuall­y using vaping products.

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