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New owners of Elmira Auto Care Centre remain focused on topnotch service


WADE YANTHA AND JULIE KRAEMER are having a very busy time.

They bought their first business, Elmira Auto Care Centre, in October and now they’re also planning a wedding in the summer.

“Between the both of us we’re a good team,” says Kraemer, who manages the office while her fiancé, a mechanic for almost three decades, does what he loves best and fixes cars.

She said they are both really enjoying being their own bosses as well as being part of the Elmira community after buying the business from Phil Cloutier seven months ago.

“I love meeting people – you never know who’s gonna come through that door and I’m a people person. So building relationsh­ips with the customers has been great,” she said.

In describing how he works, Yantha said: “I’m thorough. I try to explain to people in plain English, the best I can.

“Maybe it’s something that’s very technical but you have to let them know what’s wrong with the vehicle and what we need to do to fix it.”

Working together and witnessing her husbandto-be in action, Kraemer has been impressed by both Yantha’s skill and his patience when it comes to solving mechanical problems.

“I’ve loved watching him and I’ve gained a real new appreciati­on for what he does as a mechanic,” she explained.

“You know, there’s some times he’ll be working at something, and I’ll ask him, ‘How are you ever going to get that in or out of there?’ And I’ll say, ‘No, you there’s no way’ and I’ll go into the office and in half an hour, he’s got it done.

“And I’ll ask him, ‘How did you do that?’ I think I really learned to appreciate what a technician goes through and what he does to figure things out, especially seeing the patience he has with a job.

“Wade’s also very, very good at explaining to the customer and gaining the customer’s trust.

He’s just an honest, honest man, you’ll never meet a more honest technician.”

Yantha, who already had experience running the shop at his last job, says honesty in his profession is the most important thing.

“I’ve learned through the years that you can’t build a good business by not being honest. If you’re honest, people will always come back,” said the mechanic who hopes to hire more staff in the future.

Kraemer said that they had not been planning to buy a business until, by chance, a friend told them that Elmira Auto Care Centre was for sale because Cloutier was retiring.

“We bought it in October and have had no regrets,” she explained. “It’s been great because Phil built a really great business, with great customers.”

She said the former owner has kept in contact and has provided lots of great advice to both her and Yantha, who is also a licenced real estate agent.

“We want to work hard to maintain the trust and confidence that Phil had built in our customer base and continue to grow our business.”

“We’ve been so happy that the people who come to the door have been so nice and we just feel very, very blessed to have been given this opportunit­y,” she added.

Another blessing in their lives is that they are getting married and have set the date for July 27 for a ceremony near the shore of Lake Huron in Bayfield.

“We love the beach and we’re going to make sure we have lots of pictures on the beach and definitely spend some part of that day at the beach,” Kraemer said.

“We got engaged on the beach and we want to incorporat­e that within the day as well.”

In the meantime, there’s plenty of work to be done at the shop as it continues to offer complete automotive service using the latest equipment and quality parts, all the while striving to treat customers like family.

Elmira Auto Care Centre is located at 126 Bonnie Cres., Unit 3, in Elmira. Their phone number is 519-6698502.

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 ?? ?? Former owner of Elmira Auto Care Centre Phil Cloutier (left) pictured with new owners Wade Yantha and Julie Kraemer.
Former owner of Elmira Auto Care Centre Phil Cloutier (left) pictured with new owners Wade Yantha and Julie Kraemer.
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