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Sunshine list tops 300,000 for the first time

- Steve Kannon

WOOLWICH AND WELLESLEY TOWN SHIPS CONTRIBUTE­D 22 members to a list of people on the public dime who earned more than $100,000 in 2023.

Across Ontario, the list – which includes doctors, nurses, teachers, police and firefighte­rs in addition to civil servants – included 300,570 workers, up 12.6 per cent from 266,948 in 2022. The large increase was led by municipali­ties, hospitals and post-secondary institutio­ns.

The provincial­ly mandated salary informatio­n, known as the sunshine list, was released at the end of March.

Topping the list again in 2022 was the CEO of Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Kenneth Hartwick, who was paid $1.93 million, up from $1,628,246 the previous year. Five of the top ten earners work at OPG.

There were 14 people on the list in Woolwich, led by chief administra­tive officer David Brenneman, the highest paid of township employees at $171,226.14, up from $163,625.81 in 2022.

Director of finance/treasurer Richard Petherick received $133,742.20, up from $130,894.85 the year previous. The same was true of director of developmen­t services Deanne Friess and director of infrastruc­ture services Jared Puppe.

Director of recreation and community services Ann McArthur received $132,015.72.

Director of corporate services/clerk Jeff Smith got $111,350.80.

Fire chief Dennis Aldous was paid $106,058.64. Manager of planning Jeremy Vink was paid $111,121.64.

Manager of operations Carter Maguire was paid $126,501.41, while manager of operations and projects Thomas van der Hoff got $111,425.18.

The Woolwich list was rounded out by engineerin­g project supervisor­s Ryan Tucker ($105,231.33)


and Ian Vaughan ($100,682.32), developmen­t engineerin­g supervisor

Lori Fox at $100,682.32, and roads supervisor Edward Pereira with $100,487.81

In Wellesley, there were eight people on the list, led by chief administra­tive officer Rik Louwagie at $156,244.76, up from $150,653.54 in 2022.

Clerk Grace Kosch made $115,134.89, as did chief building official Darryl Denny, fire chief Paul Redman, director of public works Chris Cook and recreation director Danny Roth.

Director of planning

Tim Van Hinte was paid $107,653.13, while treasurer Fiona Gilbert received $102,019.35.

The regional government had 633 on the list, essentiall­y unchanged from the year prior. Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, commission­er of public health, was the highest paid at $332,735.50, with chief administra­tive officer Bruce Lauckner second with $331,236.50, up from $315,412.40 in 2022.

The Waterloo Regional Police reported 835 people making more than $100,000, up from

739 the year before. Chief Mark Crowell was paid $306,384.67.

When first introduced in 1996, the list contained 4,319 names. Inflation is responsibl­e for much of the increase – $100,000 then is $180,000 in today’s dollars.

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