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The con­gre­ga­tion at avon­dale gath­ered for wor­ship at 10:30 a.m. on sun­day, Novem­ber 4th with rev. Kevin Tay­lor lead­ing and ge­orge beard as lay reader. us­ing mark 10, bruce Flem­ing gave the gath­er­ing Praise and blessed be your Name and rise up were sung.

in the time with chil­dren, Pas­tor Kevin used a sil­ver teapot, china cup and saucer and not-so-good look­ing dis­pos­able food con­tain­ers to il­lus­trate how it’s what in­side that counts. we need to serve oth­ers with god’s spirit in­side us. The lord’s Prayer was re­peated by all at­tend­ing.

The of­fer­ing was taken up by don and linda New­man. Fred mor­timer sang brother let me be your ser­vant us­ing his gui­tar for ac­com­pa­ni­ment and we were in­vited to sing along. The scrip­ture read was taken from mark 10 The re­quest of James and John. The mes­sage for adults was “Point to Je­sus”. each of us has been given gifts so we can serve oth­ers. we need to be served, be a part of ser­vice to oth­ers and seek how god wants us to serve for the rest of our lives. The choir’s an­them was “and he shall reign”.

af­ter com­mu­nity pray­ers were said our wor­ship closed with the bene­dic­tion and singing of all hail the Power of Je­sus’ Name and sent out in Je­sus’ Name.

you are wel­come to join us for wor­ship next sun­day, Novem­ber 11 at 10 a.m. This should al­low you time to also at­tend the re­mem­brance day ser­vice at the ceno­taph in front of The Town Cen­tre mall. saskatchewan tak­ing more cour­ses in the min­istry and will be back to church next sun­day. mu­sic was pro­vided by Court­ney Porch.

doug was as­sisted in the ser­vice by his sis­ter ann howey who is a min­is­ter in on­tario.

doug opened the ser­vice with a vi­sion state­ment fol­lowed by the con­gre­ga­tional life and work of the church. doug also had a minute for mis­sion fol­lowed by a time of pass­ing the peace amongst the con­gre­ga­tion. There was a time for light­ing the Christ Can­dle fol­lowed by the hymn let us build a house. doug led the call to wor­ship re­sponded to by the con­gre­ga­tion. The next hymn was we are Pil­grims.

The open­ing prayer was led by doug and re­sponded to by the peo­ple. The church choir per­formed a hymn called en­cir­cled with love. a mem­ber of the con­gre­ga­tion led the chil­dren in a story to tell and the lord’s Prayer. The next hymn was lord Pre­pare me To be a sanc­tu­ary.

The bible read­ing was taken from ro­mans Chap­ter 12 verse 9 to 18 in which it men­tions the marks of a true Chris­tian. in her ser­mon rev. ann howey spoke about broth­ers and sis­ters in Christ as­sisted by her brother doug. They spoke about Paul and his work with spread­ing Chris­tian­ity through the an­cient world and in do­ing so he claims a fam­ily re­la­tion­ship be­tween him­self and the mem­bers of the church in rome but also among the ro­mans them­selves. Paul was an or­di­nary per­son and he had a sis­ter whose son would later save Paul’s life. Paul was uniquely qual­i­fied to re­late to his au­di­ence at the time be­cause he was born to a Jewish fam­ily and be­came a Chris­tian af­ter meet­ing Je­sus. Paul was a suc­cess­ful teacher be­cause he re­garded his au­di­ence nei­ther as be­neath or less faith­ful than him­self.

The next hymn was i was There To hear your born­ing Cry dur­ing the time the of­fer­ing was re­ceived.

rev. ann howey led the con­gre­ga­tion in the pray­ers of the peo­ple. The fi­nal hymn was deep in our hearts fol­lowed by the mes­sage of send­ing forth and the ves­per amen.

Next sun­day’s ser­vice will be at 10 a.m. and all are in­vited to at­tend and wor­ship with us. we will be hav­ing Pas­tor Jenn brown’s Covenant­ing ser­vice at 3 p.m. on sun­day, Novem­ber 25th and all are in­vited to at­tend the ser­vice. Fri­day, Nov. 2

Open Pairs Game

Jim Duf­fus and Liz Illes were the over­all win­ners with 64.74%. 14 ta­bles


Jim Duf­fus – Liz Illes – 64.74 Ger­ald Edge – Michael O’Rourke – 58.97

David Deaves – Maria Deaves – 58.01

Anne Spencer – Doreen Burns – 53.85

Greta Halff – Suzanne El­liott – 53.37 N Fer­rell – Jean John­son – 52.24 Rose McSloy – Robert Burns – 50.00


Ron Groulx – Gerry Van­lierop – 64.10

Dou­glas Rogers – Alice An­der­son – 57.05

Jean­nette McLuhan – Barry McLuhan – 56.89

Peter Roney – Orin Booth – 53.85 Harold Dynna – Gor­don Brown – 53.69 Jim Wright – Lind­say Sleightholm – 50.80

Indira Reynolds – Mary Alice Reid – 50.64 Frances McCon­nell – Mau­reen Flynn – 50.32

299r Game

Sharon Cole – Harold Fish­leigh – 61.00

Doreen Smith – Rita Van Lamoen – 54.00

Laura Wif­fen – Lew Wif­fen – 50.00

Mon­day, Nov. 5

Open Pairs Game

John Somerville and Brian Clark were the over­all win­ners with 62.50%.

10.5 ta­bles North/South

John Somerville – Brian Clark – 62.50

Greta Halff – Suzanne El­liott – 55.79 John Hawkins – David Dal­ton – 53.47

Mau­reen Flynn – Carol Wilkin­son – 53.01

Claire Pitre – Reg Pitre – 52.55 Liz Illes – Camiel De Vries – 50.23 East/West

Jed Drew – Rick Saxby – 59.49

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