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we all hate rules. ever since we were lit­tle we railed against any­thing that sounded like a re­stric­tion. don’t and no were bad words and al­ways in­creased the want­ing to do ex­actly what we were told not to do. Come on now, you know it’s true.

even af­ter we gained enough age and ex­pe­ri­ence to know rules and reg­u­la­tions are put in place for a rea­son, to pro­tect us, safe­guard oth­ers and de­fend prop­erty, we hated be­ing told we were ‘not al­lowed.’

some­times fol­low­ing the rules is in­con­ve­nient and an­noy­ing. some­times not fol­low­ing the rules can be dan­ger­ous and even life-threat­en­ing. we all have the right to pe­ti­tion to make changes if we feel the poli­cies are un­jus­ti­fied, are not help­ful, or serve no pur­pose but un­til they are changed we are all sup­posed to do things as have been set out.

a sim­ple, lit­tle les­son on how when some folks don’t fol­low the rules ev­ery­one suf­fers the con­se­quences.

any­one who owns a home in town knows the is­sues of dis­pos­ing of yard garbage. Most fa­cil­i­ties for this pur­pose are time sched­uled, which is not al­ways con­ve­nient to when you are do­ing the work. i know some folks who have had to store bags or con­tain­ers for sev­eral days wait­ing for op­er­at­ing hours. There are also re­stric­tions as to what and where things are dumped and peo­ple on site to make sure you do it right.

we here in ot­ter­ville have, for many years, had the priv­i­lege, granted by the prop­erty owner, to have ac­cess to huge con­crete bins in which to de­posit our yard waste within the vil­lage. There are signs up des­ig­nat­ing which bin is for branches and the like and one de­signed for grass cut­tings, gar­den refuse and leaves. There are also signs stat­ing what is not ac­cept­able, which is any­thing that isn’t yard waste. The bins are huge and open on one end so you can eas­ily back your truck, trac­tor or wagon right to the front be­fore un­load­ing. when needed, the town­ship would come in and clean out the bins.

This area was open all the time for use by cit­i­zens. There is no one check­ing to see if you live in the vil­lage or watch­ing what you are dump­ing. ac­cess was avail­able 24/7. it made life sim­pler for all of us. it was a much ap­pre­ci­ated ser­vice and many folks abided by the rules and reg­u­la­tions.

but some did not. and some were very in­con­sid­er­ate of the rest of us and very dis­re­spect­ful of the landowner. often peo­ple would sim­ply dump at the en­trance of the bin which pre­vented any­one else from get­ting into the empty bin to un­load. The next load was then dumped even fur­ther out. Many times the dump­ing ex­tended well into the own­ers drive­way and park­ing lot. big branches would be in the leaf bin and leaves would be in the branch bin. and worse yet, there would be lawn chairs, flower pots, plas­tic bags, fiber­glass sheet­ing, build­ing ma­te­ri­als, etc. thrown in amongst the leaves, grass, weeds and spruce branches.

be­cause some peo­ple dis­re­garded the rules and did not ap­pre­ci­ate this unique op­por­tu­nity, our refuse yard is be­ing closed and moved to a site where it can be reg­u­lated with per­son­nel and set times.

who do you think will be the most ag­gra­vated and vo­cal about this change?

nev­er­the­less, we all have lost this ex­cep­tional priv­i­lege be­cause some re­fused to fol­low the rules and reg­u­la­tions.

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