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Gangster pair targeted by rival gangs appear in court on weapons charges


VANCOUVER — Two notorious gangster brothers appeared briefly in Surrey provincial court yesterday on 24 joint gun charges dating back more than a year.

There was unpreceden­ted security at the courthouse, with extra sheriffs, two checkpoint­s and at least two dozen police, both uniformed and plaincloth­es, for the appearance of James Kyle Bacon, 22, and his brother Jarrod Wayne Bacon, 25.

The heavy security was in response to credible death threats the B.C. Integrated Gang Task Force said it had received targeting the pair, other family members and associates.

No supporters of the two youngest Bacon brothers showed up in court, perhaps scared off by the heavy police presence, which included gang task force members.

When the two were finally brought into Courtroom 107 at about 3 p.m., prosecutor Teresa Mitchell-Banks explained that there had been a mistake on an additional indictment charging James Bacon with possessing an assault rifle in Langley sometime over the last four years. Bacon had been listed as a youth offender in error and the document had to be resworn.

Mitchell-Banks did not explain in court why the two dozen firearms charges — all stemming from a police encounter in Surrey on April 12, 2007 — were only sworn on May 30, 2008, more than 13 months later.

Some gang specialist­s speculated that police arrested the Bacon brothers on outstandin­g charges because they feared another targeted hit would be carried out on them or against their rivals.

The Abbotsford brothers, who are associatin­g with the Red Scorpions gang, are believed to have been the intended target of a May 9 hit in Burnaby that left Jonathan Alex Barber dead. Barber had been driving a Porsche Cayenne normally used by the Bacons.

Each brother is charged with possessing without a licence a Glock .40 calibre handgun, a Sig Sauer .45, a Luger 9 mm, as well as prohibited ammunition. All three guns were loaded, according to the informatio­n sworn.

As well, the Luger’s serial number had been altered, the court documents said. The offences all took place in Surrey, according to the documents.

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