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Ontario, Quebec defy Ottawa on gas emissions


QUEBEC CITY — The federal government will find itself increasing­ly isolated if it fails to sign on to the worldwide trend toward market-based trading systems to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Quebec Premier Jean Charest said yesterday.

Inking a deal between Quebec and Ontario to establish a cap-and-trade system by Jan. 1, 2010, despite the objections of Ottawa, Charest warned the federal government is missing the boat on a worldwide trend.

“We are concerned because the federal government is putting in place a system that is incompatib­le with what exists in Europe and elsewhere,” Charest said. “They are outof-step.”

Charest made the remarks after he joined Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty signing an agreement to move ahead with the “design and implementa­tion” of an interprovi­ncial multi-sector greenhouse cap-and-trade system. The signing came at the end of a historic joint meeting of the Quebec and Ontario cabinets.

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