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Michael J. Fox and Burnaby


Yes, stardom is an attraction all on its own. But the success of the Michael J. Fox Theatre fundraiser­s goes beyond the allure of meeting a “celebrity.” The plain truth is that Michael J. Fox and his mother are just, well, so darn likable and admirable.

He’s down-to-earth and sincere and has that irrepressi­ble wry sense of humour. (Not to mention his true Canuck love for hockey.) His humility and kindness to strangers seems to have survived his rise to the pinnacles of Hollywood.

And that’s not even delving into his well-publicized struggles with Parkinson’s.

Folks in Burnaby and out-of-towners are on waiting lists to get involved with the Michael J. Fox Theatre fundraisin­g events. What started as a small gathering has turned into the largest charitable event in Burnaby. This year, there were 150 golfers at the tournament and 370 people at the dinner.

The theatre is rock solid because of all the work that the Fox family, volunteers and city movers and shakers have put into it. And Burnaby is rightly proud to claim the Fox family as its own.

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