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Mel Brooks, 81, working on horror flick


LOS ANGELES — Mel Brooks isn’t going anywhere.

The renowned funnyman says he’s not closing down his production shingle Brooksfilm­s, contrary to a New York gossip page report, and is developing a horror film

“I’m not quitting,” Brooks, 81, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Brooksfilm­s is still here and will be going on for a while. I’m not at all slowing down, and nobody has told me to stop.”

The latest project, Pizzaman, is a horror film that marks Brooksfilm­s’ return to the genre. The company produced the successful The Fly and its not-so-successful sequel, The Fly II.

Brooks said the project is in the script and rewrite stage and that he’s yet to shop it to the studios. He is writing it with Rudy De Luca and Steve Haberman, who have worked with him previously.

Brooks formed Brooksfilm­s in 1980 when he became interested in producing the drama The Elephant Man, and believed audiences would think the film was a comedy if it was labelled “A Mel Brooks Film.” The Culver Studios-based shingle has gone on to produce several dramas, including Frances and 84 Charing Cross Road, as well as comedies.

Brooks continues to work on the animated Spaceballs series for cable, lending his voice to the characters President Skroob and Yoghurt, as well as on the Broadway stage version of Young Frankenste­in.

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