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Councillor’s sons charged; one linked to drugs

Ken Brothersto­n Jr. cited ‘money, drugs, alcohol’ in 2007 bankruptcy


The two sons of two-term Highlands Coun. Kenneth Brothersto­n have been charged with murder in connection with the death of a Langford man, just days after their father was also charged in the case.

Gregory Brothersto­n, 26, and Kenneth Robert Brothersto­n Jr., 32, face charges of first-degree murder and unlawful confinemen­t in the May 30 death of Keith William Taylor, 33. Their father faces the same charges.

Yesterday, more informatio­n about the bizarre case began to surface — including that, according to Ken Sr.’s lawyer, the councillor was the person who drove Taylor’s body in the back of a pickup truck to the police station on Friday night.

Also, court documents and land-title papers show that some members of the Brothersto­n family — referred to by friends as “tight-knit” — had had financial difficulti­es.

In February 2007, Ken Jr. filed for bankruptcy, citing just $3,977 in assets, including his snowboardi­ng boots, and debts totalling more than $50,000.

In one disclosure in the 2007 court document, Brothersto­n says he sold $20,000 worth of personal items in the last 12 months that he “used for money, drugs, alcohol and living expenses.”

Ken Sr. recently sold a Langford property for $1.

According to land-title documents, Ken Sr. bought a $450,000 home on July 16, 2007, with a man named Kevin Vezina.

Ken Sr.’s share of the property on Monnington Place, near Glen Lake, was valued at $250,000. However, on Nov. 16, Ken Sr. sold his half to Vezina for “$1 and other good and valuable considerat­ion,” landtitle records show.

Meanwhile, the man the Brothersto­ns are accused of killing had a long criminal history of drug, assault and weapons offences, and had been released from jail days before his death. His ex-girlfriend said there was a connection between him and the Brothersto­n brothers.

“I’d heard Keith had some beef with Greg over something,” said Mel Ross.

In June 2007, Taylor was charged with assaulting Greg, but those charges were later stayed.

Greg, Ken Jr., and Taylor all attended Belmont Senior Secondary in Langford. People close to the brothers say they were well-known in the community and neither had worked in quite awhile.

According to fellow Highlands Coun. Joseph Kadar, the Brothersto­ns were a tight-knit family. Ken Sr. is a “family man” who is respected in the community, he said.

Kadar and Highlands Mayor Mark Cardinal both said the boys had worked with their father at his logging company. But Ken Sr. had not operated the company since he began serving on council, said Kadar.

Yesterday, West Shore RCMP were still scouring a home on Betula Place in Colwood, which investigat­ors are treating as a crime scene.

According to someone who was in the home on Friday evening, Taylor was there as late as 6 p.m,. when he warned friends the evening could get violent. An hour later, he was delivered to the West Shore RCMP detachment on Fulton Road in Langford, and was later confirmed by a coroner to be dead. A forensic autopsy was conducted on Taylor’s body yesterday, but West Shore RCMP spokeswoma­n Const. Tasha Adams said she did not know what was discovered.

Adams was also unable to say why investigat­ors were at the home at Betula Place.

The three Brothersto­ns remain in custody in separate cells awaiting their first appearance in B.C. provincial court on June 12.

 ??  ?? Highlands Coun. Ken Brothersto­n: A “family man.”
Highlands Coun. Ken Brothersto­n: A “family man.”

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