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Winners of Internet film contest named


VANCOUVER — The Vancouver Film School has announced the winners of a unique competitio­n that symbolizes how the Internet allows filmmakers to connect directly with audiences and circumvent the often pervasive power of the major film companies in film production and distributi­on.

Working with YouTube, VFS marketing director Stephen Webster designed a contest called What Matters to You.

Filmmakers were invited to submit a work of less than three minutes in one of three categories: animation, a creative pitch or a short film. Entrants would aim their works at one of the school’s 13 academic programs because the top prize, worth $45,000 to $50,000, would be a full scholarshi­p to one of them.

The winners are Christophe­r Harrell, 25, from Colorado; Stefan Ramirez Perez from Bavaria in Germany, and Jorge Rolando Canedo Estrada from Monterrey, Mexico. Find their winning submission­s at Vfs.com.

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