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• In B.C., median wait time from abnormal screen to diagnosis is 2.9 weeks in the Fast Track program; 4.1 weeks otherwise. Median wait time from diagnosis to surgery is 4 weeks (2004 data); 94 per cent of women receive surgery by nine weeks for all cancers. Median wait time for radiothera­py is six days for all cancers. Median wait time for chemothera­py is three days. • There are no national benchmarks for wait times associated with surgery or chemothera­py. • Only half of the jurisdicti­ons achieved or bettered the national benchmark of four weeks wait time for radiation therapy. • Some jurisdicti­ons have no wait time reporting systems and have little or no data to share. • The approval process for new treatments is lengthy, taking as long as five years from the initial applicatio­n by a manufactur­er. • Canada lags behind other countries in the adoption of electronic health records, a technology that could expedite procedures.

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