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Advice on service from a centenaria­n


Cranky service? Check the mirror.

I am 100 years old and can count on one hand the times I have had objectiona­ble service.

I find most employees helpful and pleasant. I have dealt at a small bank near me for 20 years — just a current account once a month visit.

On my 100th birthday a beautiful bouquet of flowers came from the employees with congratula­tions on a beautiful card, signed by all 10 of them.

When my sight was failing years ago I would wait to cross a busy street until I saw a young person who looked approachab­le and then ask them if I could take their arm to cross.

I never had a refusal and often was asked if I needed help shopping or finding the shop.

In my local grocery shop a clerk looked at me and at the young woman with me (my home helper) and asked, “Are you two related?” I answered, “No, she is my best friend.” And she is, and has been for the 20 years she has come every week. She is now 55. Quite a record of service, and such a delight to me.

How lucky I am. Mary L. Sharp. Victoria

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