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Peaceful ride on a bicycle


In honour of Bike to Work Week, I wanted to share my experience and sing the praises of the city’s bike trails. I moved to Victoria from Montreal last June and have been biking to work since January, thanks to the trail systems.

Living in Esquimalt and working at Royal Oak shopping centre, I first spent several bored mornings on the long No. 6 bus ride until I discovered one of the trails.

From my place, I can take the Goose to the Colquitz River trail, which, after a snaking ride under willows and cedars, eventually pops me out on Viewmont, right behind where I work. That gives me a grand total of about five blocks that aren’t on safe, separate bike trails.

I ride with a smile and arrive awake and energized. According to my odometer this admittedly not-so-direct route is 10.85 kilometres each way. The workout keeps me productive at my job, healthy and emotionall­y and mentally at peace.

I get home much earlier than when I waited for the 6 and can think, enjoy the place I live in, and feel part of the community of riders who nod to each other along the way.

Having come from a big city notorious for dangerous drivers and unsafe cycling, I have been amazed by the biking infrastruc­ture in Victoria and hope the city will continue to invest in maintainin­g and creating even more cycling routes. Amy Reiswig Esquimalt

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