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Museums should co-operate on terminal


Having recently returned from a number of European cities, it was instructiv­e to experience the effort that these places and government­s expend on the tourism industry. Tourism is an important part of the provincial and local economy and local attraction­s are the key to encouragin­g visitors. Given its location, the former CPR terminal building provides a unique opportunit­y to enhance the tourism potential of Greater Victoria and the province.

The Provincial Capital Commission, as the delegated authority of the provincial government, has as one of its objectives the fostering of pride and awareness in the diverse cultures, rich history and natural beauty of the province and Victoria. It is also mindful of its revenue stream which comes from the properties it manages on our behalf. The Victoria Harbour Authority’s proposal for the former CPR building provides the allure of a steady revenue, but it is essentiall­y an office developmen­t with more tacky shops. The proposed ferry terminal upgrades should occur irrespecti­ve of any link to the former CPR building.

Given the Royal British Columbia Museum’s developmen­t plans, the optimal solution would have the B.C. museum co-operate with (or incorporat­e) the Maritime Museum of B.C. and expand it in the former CPR terminal building. Richard Mccandless Saanich

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