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‘Occupy’ camp hurting city’s prospects


City council seems to have forgotten who pays the bills with its support of the protesters who occupy Centennial Square.

How many of the “Peoples Assembly of Victoria” are actually Victorians?

The protesters claim they are there to oppose corporate greed.

The fact is 51 per cent of the city’s tax revenue is from corporate taxpayers, most of which are small business owners. While there may be corporate greed within the one per cent on Wall Street, many small businesses in downtown Victoria are struggling to survive in a tough economy. Are shoppers going to come downtown to be welcomed by a tent city?

In a positive step, the city recently launched an economic plan to promote business and developmen­t in Victoria. A good move, but are potential new business owners or developers going to move to a city that supports protesters?

Plans for an outdoor ice rink are under way for Centennial Square, but how many young families will use it in this environmen­t? The square is there for all to enjoy. It’s time for the campers to move on. R.J. Cross Colwood

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