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Volunteers benefit non-profit seniors society

- BY MARY HOMER Goward House Society 2495 Arbutus Rd. 250-477-4401 www.gowardhous­e.com

The time of year is fast approachin­g when we will be asked to dig deep and give to those less fortunate. It has been my experience that Victorians are both an active and generous group of people, including seniors or retirees. Organizati­ons throughout the city would come to a standstill if these generous hard-working individual­s chose to stop volunteeri­ng.

Why are Victorians active and giving? Perhaps it is because the weather is more conducive to participat­ing in activities. Perhaps the sunny weather warms their dispositio­ns. Whatever the reason, their generous nature is reflected in the way Victorians are always ready to volunteer and help their friends and neighbours.

Volunteers benefit from a sense of gratificat­ion and an awareness of community. Many will also confess to garnering physical and mental benefits. The many volunteers I have witnessed fall far from the definition of senior or retiree as many are more active than people half their age. Some have been overhead to say,” keep going, don’t stop.” Perhaps that is their secret to staying young and healthy. Perhaps volunteeri­ng isn’t as selfless an act as we once thought.

Goward House members are familiar with the many benefits — physically, mentally and emotionall­y — of volunteeri­ng. This non-profit society offers the opportunit­y to participat­e and volunteer in many other areas: Facilitati­ng language groups (French and Spanish), classic film group, Scrabble club, chess club, providing lessons in bridge and mah jong, singing with the Goward House choir, and helping in the tea room and at the front desk.

All this time and energy benefits the members of Goward House Society.

We are approachin­g the time of year when so many individual­s and organizati­ons are seeking financial assistance. It is refreshing to see an environmen­t where a group of people come together to work in harmony for the benefit of a non-profit society that is near and dear to their heart.

We are speaking of the two craft groups who meet regularly basis to benefit the annual Goward House craft fair. Last year’s Raggedy Ann dolls went quickly and the crafters are hoping the Sock Monkeys will prove to be just as popular this year. New members are welcome to join in making items for the craft fair Nov. 19–20.

The Goward House Society invites you to drop in and see all it has to offer any weekday (Monday to Friday) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You are welcome to participat­e in any activity, one time without commitment, to see if that particular activity is a good fit for you. Feel free to bring a friend!

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