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Lack of sleep linked to heart attack


WASHINGTON — As if you didn’t have enough to worry about during those sleepless nights, a Norwegian study suggests that people with insomnia face a 27 to 45 per cent higher risk of heart attack.

About one-third of people report having trouble sleeping and should see a doctor for help, urged the authors of the study published in Circulatio­n, a journal of the American Heart Associatio­n.

The data came from 52,610 Norwegian adults who answered a national survey about their insomnia symptoms in 1995-97.

Researcher­s found high- est boost in risk among the most troubled sleepers.

When they compared data from people who said they usually slept fine to people who said they had trouble falling asleep almost daily over the course of the last month, they saw a 45 per cent higher risk in the sleepless group.

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