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Alleged torture victim says sex acts part of his ‘survival mode’


CALGARY — Dustin Paxton’s alleged torture victim says he performed frequent sex acts and endured daily beatings because he “had no options” to leave.

“I thought it was disgusting but I was in survival mode,” the 28-year-old man said Tuesday as he described what happened when the pair moved into a Calgary house in 2008. The victim described Paxton as “evil” and smart.

Paxton leaped to his feet in apparent frustratio­n as his former roommate and moving business partner testified Tuesday afternoon in Calgary court about beatings, controllin­g behaviour and sexual contact.

The court sheriff forced Paxton to sit down in the prisoner’s box, which was shielded from the victim’s view by a projector screen.

Paxton, 31, is charged with aggravated assault, sexual assault and unlawful confinemen­t.

The victim said the sexual abuse escalated slowly. Soon, the man said, he was avoiding being punched and hit by performing sex acts.

The man said submitting to Paxton’s controllin­g, degrading behaviour included eating only one meal a day and sleeping on the bathroom floor of a motel room. Upon his release from a Regina hospital, the man recuperate­d in Victoria with family.

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