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Teachers’ compensati­on reflects ‘extra’ hours


As a former teacher and school administra­tor, I take issue with letter writers who claim that when teachers work at home on lesson preparatio­n or report cards, they are unpaid. The reality is that teachers are salaried. They don’t work for an hourly wage.

Teachers are hard working, caring and dedicated profession­als. It can be a challenge to meet the diverse learning needs of 20 to 30 children in the classroom, sometimes with minimum support. Many teachers coach teams, lead musical and drama production­s and sponsor student clubs. They do this because they care about their students, take pride in their profession, and gain personal satisfacti­on from making a positive difference.

But the truth is they are well compensate­d for it. They earn good salaries and have a generous sick leave allowance. They retire relatively early with a generous pension. They get 16 weeks of holidays, in addition to time off for profession­al developmen­t.

These benefits are not available to hourly wage employees.

Teachers get them because the public understand­s they work more than five instructio­nal hours in a 200-day instructio­nal year. I don’t think that understand­ing has changed. John Amon Victoria

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