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If deferred expenses are good for Hydro...


Dear B.C. Hydro Executive Team:

I thought I would write due to the uncalled-for attacks against your recently brought to light questionab­le accounting practices.

To show my support, I have developed a plan that I am sure you will appreciate. I have decided to defer my 2011 Hydro payments into 2012. I understand that this may create some awkwardnes­s around the payments you have already received from me, but you can refund these monies to me, so as to keep everything on the books nice and clean.

As I am sure to be one of your best customers, due to me allowing the corporatio­n to reduce its energy footprint in the 2011 year, I understand that I will be collecting a bonus. As I am aware that you are actually in the red (please trust that I won’t tell anyone this), I am willing to take my bonus in the form of a kilowatt credit, which I will also project into the 2012 fiscal year, thereby offsetting my alleged energy payment shortfall for this year, resulting in me not owing you anything for 2012 as well.

Your loyal customer, Andre Serzisko Victoria

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